Hand dyed fibre top 100 grams

Hand dyed fibre top 100 grams




australian merino tops

hand dyed or painted using professional dyes

fibre bases are of various micron counts and processing methods, all are ideal for hand spinning, some are suitable for felting, some are not,  please read below

top – fibre is combed to provide spinning fiber in which all the fibers are parallel


optim – processing technology re-engineers wool fibres by stretching to make them softer, stronger and lighter than the untreated wool.
developed in australia by the c.s.i.r.o
the resulting luxurious fibre is glossy, soft, has a drape like silk, is lightweight and non felting.
Combed into top form


superwash – fibre is machine washable, resistant to shrinkage.  non felting  .

the process was also developed in australia by the c.s.i.r.o.



Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 1 cm

amber to mango, jade greens, elderberry wine, navy to aubergine, ochre orange, papaya pink purple, rose mint sky, vivid violet, teal to lime, autumn sun, frosty morning, spring thaw, summer haze, winter dawn

Fibre content

optim merino 16 micron, merino 25 micron, superwash merino 21 micron, merino 21 micron


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