pure cedar anti moth sachets

pure cedar anti moth sachets


Shaved cedar
hand made moth-repelling and insect deterrent sachets.


pure cedar hand made moth-repelling and insect deterrent sachets.

sweet scented all natural.

protect your clothing and crafting fibres. wool, silk, cashmere…

my sachets are a safe, natural and sweet smelling way to keep those pesky bugs at bay.

  • use them in your drawers, cupboards, storage bags and boxes.
  • keep some in your car as an air freshener.
  • pop a few in your filing cabinets to ward off silverfish.

locally sourced, hand shaved cedar wood.

these moth-repelling and insect deterrent sachets help ward off moths and prevent from laying eggs in woolens and other clothing items.

they aid in keeping away silverfish, fleas, ants and other insects.

also assist in reducing mould and mildew.

refresh the scent by scrunching the sachets between your hands and giving them a shake.

mothballs are toxic and have a harsh chemical smell.

I wanted to create a product that was natural as well as effective and avoid that awful smell.

I researched many natural alternatives and came up with this combination.


  • hand shaved cedar – cedar wood is aromatic and used to make incense. Inner wood is distilled into essential oil. As insects avoid this tree, the essential oil is used as insect repellent. it also has anti-fungal properties and has some potential for control of fungal deterioration of spices during storage.

Sachet material:

to allow the properties of the sachet contents to permeate, but not release dust, I chose to use high quality filter paper.

the sachets are individually heat sealed.
sachets measure 8.5 by 12 cm

it is recommend to replace the sachets yearly for best results.

caution – this product is not edible (even though it smells delicious)

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .2 cm

pack of 4, Individual

Cedar only



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